Aiming to Make Later Life Healthier and Happier!


At Age Concern Suffolk we believe that in this world everyone has a right to get a good later life. We are primarily here to enthuse, facilitate and support the elderly people so that they can make the most out of their later life.

We firmly believe that financial security is an indispensable ingredient when it comes to providing older people with a sense of security. In order to attain this it is important to look for good financial advice from an expert financial adviser who would be able to give proper guidance that will suit individual requirements of older people in need of it.


Why do You Need Financial Security


At different points of our lives we can all get caught up in unplanned events and surprise bills. Some reviews reveal that out of ten about seven households in UK experienced at least one unplanned expense in past one year. At times it so happens that our savings are not enough to meet such sudden expenses that come our way.

In case you have been experiencing such situations we at Age Concern Suffolk are prepared to help you. We provide help with health related financial mortgages as well as other mortgages for the elderly.

You may need sudden funds for health related concerns, to pay for your home or even to go on a holiday. We will give you practical assistance and good advice keeping your individual situation in mind.

We aim to ensure that our clients are better informed about the financial issues that might arise in later life. Our expert advisors specialise in the financial guidance for the older people. We offer practical help and guidance for the elderly to help them make the right financial decisions at the right time.


Our Services


We have been providing care and support to the elderly people for many years. Our experience has taught us that every individual has different kind of requirements. We make life simple for the elderly by providing a unique care and support plan that works for each individual. The very first step that we take when we hear from a new client is getting to know them better. An account of their family background and support system helps us to understand their unique needs. As we provide a diverse range of elderly services we are able to develop a plan which will ideally suit each person’s persona needs. 


If You are Looking for Financial Help


With old age various ailments may come your way for which you may not be mentally or financially prepared. There could also be issues such as moving homes of helping children who need financial support. Under such circumstances many elderly people look for financial advice and guidance to generate funds through mortgages. In many cases timely and suitable assistance is not available at hand. This situation can become extremely stressful.


To help the elderly avoid such circumstances, we at Age Concern Suffolk design tailor made help guidelines for the elderly in need.  The key focus of our approach for all our services is just not to deliver high quality support to the elderly but a we also firmly believe in the importance of helping our clients to stay as independent as possible.

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If you are looking for health finance or any other mortgages please write to us and we will get back to you.



We have helped many elderly people during their times of need. Read along to see what they said.

My wife suffered from a serious ailment suddenly and we were in need of finances. Our savings were not enough to see us through our difficult times and we approached Age Concern Suffolk. They not only gave us guidance but arranged for a health financial mortgage that helped us. Thank you!
Edward S. Dolan

Old age is a difficult time when you do not have enough money to cater for all your requirements. I got excellent services and support from Age Concern Suffolk when I need to take out a mortgage for meeting my personal requirement. Great work! Thank you for all the help.
Henry L. Mancuso

I was not sure about places where I could look for funding my expensive treatment for the ailment which is troubling for long time. I heard about Age Concern Suffolk from a friend and approached them for help. Since then all has been taken care of, thanks to the efficient and caring team.
Maude B. Meador